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News From Social Networks

News From Social Networks from May 1 to May 15  Twitter and Facebook

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Biotech-Buying Spree Helps Stocks Shrug Off China Crash, Commodity Collapse, & Credit Crunch

100 years on: #SykesPicot agreement still haunts the #MiddleEast

Already in a deep debt crisis, Puerto Rico is seeking to sell new water bonds

US, UK & EU could shut down tax havens if they wanted. Here are some ways how

Last Call for #TTIP: The Views of European Diplomats in Washington, DC

Is This The 4th Recent Nuclear Disaster To Strike the U.S.?

Bangladesh probe blames SWIFT for cyber heist

FBI Seeks To Keep Its Nationwide Biometric Database A Secret From Citizens

Syria, #ISIS, and the US-UK Propaganda War

A New Digital Cash System Was Just Unveiled At A Secret Meeting For Bankers In New York

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Ils complotèrent, mais Allah a fait échouer leur complot, et Allah est le meilleur en stratagèmes . Coran sourate 8, verset 30

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